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VW-10 Brushed Wedge

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VW-10 Brushed wedge5063.58
VW-10 Brushed wedge5263.58
VW-10 Brushed wedge5463.510
VW-10 Brushed wedge5664.012
VW-10 Brushed wedge5864.013
VW-10 Brushed wedge6064.010

VW-10 Brushed Wedge

The £169 price includes any steel wedge shaft you want to choose to match into your existing iron set. Email for wedge shaft details

A very traditional shaped wedge with curved leading edge. The leading edge is curved but ground tight to enable clean strikes from tight lies. The unique grind make this one the most versatile wedges in the world.

The new Brushed finish is not plated and therefore designed to rust. This rusting will offer a reduction in glare, great feel, and increased spin.

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