Trackman Fittings

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Trackman Fittings


Trackman custom fit ever wondered if you are using the right shafts

Trackman® has set the industry standard for accuracy as it delivers real-time data and graphics on club movement, ball launch, the flight and landing. TrackMan® has set a new standard for golf ball and golf club measurement.

How does it work?

The fitting session takes up to 1 hour, we take careful measurements and readings to find the correct loft, lie, length and shaft flex for you. Its carried out in our studio this allows us to compare different shafts against each other on the trackman. Whether you have an old set of clubs and want to change the shafts or want to buy a new set get fit by our experienced staff at Clubcrafters based at Reigate Hill Golf club range in the week, or on a Sunday indoors at Surrey Downs Golf club.

How much does it cost?

A one hour fitting costs £40 with a cash back of £20 if you purchase a new set of shafts or a new set of irons

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