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Loft / Lie Check

When the club meets the ball, the sole of the head must be parallel to the ground, if it is, and if you have delivered the face square to your intended target, the ball will go straight every time. On the other hand, if the toe of the club is sticking up in the air so the point of sole contact with the ground is toward the heel, you will tend to pull your shots. Here, the club head would be considered to be TOE UP for the player. We would need to have the sole adjusted flatter to the ground.

The opposite is true, if the club makes contact with the ground on the toe side of the sole, the club is considered too flat. In this situation, you will push the ball when you make a perfect swing, every time every day.


Just how much difference does having the wrong lie make? You might be surprised. For each 1° the lie is off, it may cause a 2-3 yard difference between where the player aims and where the ball goes. True, this is no big deal on longer clubs; if you miss your #3 or #4 iron by 2 yards, it’s still pretty good shot for most of us. But, if you miss your wedge by 2 yards, you might not be so happy since you could now end up in the bunker rather than on the green. Obviously if iron lies are off by more than 1°, even bigger shot direction errors will result-and these errors will happen even though a perfect swing may have been made!

I would recommend checking your loft /lies once a year especially on the forged clubs such as titleist mizuno callaway they can be bent quite easily up to 3-4 degrees .Stainless steel can be bent up to 2 degrees depending on the model
I bend up to 500 sets a year for a certain golf company and have come to know how much a club can be bent and when to stop before any breakages occur every set is slightly different from the next

We also offer a lie board service on the golf range,
Loft /lie per club £2.50 at Horton park while you wait
Loft/lie plus lie board test £3.00 per club

Ring Tony at anytime 07973 891619 to make a booking

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